About Nyfors

Nyfors Handel

Nyfors is the perfect place for those who want to get close and experience nature

An excursion for those who want to have a fika, a simple lunch or maybe swim in the lake, warm-up in a sauna, hike, fish

or paddle canoe / kayak. Nyfors Handel have one-man, two-man and three-man-kayaks and Canadians.

Smaller country trade with complementary food supply, sale of coffee, ice cream, simple lunch, fishing equipment, etc.

Nyfors is located at the northern end of Långvattnet in the Malingsbo-Kloten nature reserve, between southern Dalarna and northern Västmanland. There are a lot of elk, beaver and deer but also laugh. Wolf and bear can also occur. Sometimes you can hear yelling wolves at night. The reserve is one of the world's most beautiful areas and one of Sweden's few wolfs. None of the animals are dangerous.

The beautiful and unspoiled nature is classified as Sweden's southern most wilderness, 2.5 hours (20 miles) drive from Stockholm, 1.5 hours (15 miles) drive from Örebro. The nature reserve offers a variety of very nice canoeing and hiking trails. Along the joints there are many rest areas with wind protection and fixed fireplaces.

Wilderness has been a Nature Conservation since 1950, which is why the area is unspoilt and a popular free zone for many wild animals. A long-term building ban has halted all exploitation of summer cottages, making the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve a unique and exciting excursion destination in the Middle East.

The paddlers offers between river and lake. River paddles for the narrow waterways and lake paddles in the sense that no flowing water occurs. The nature of the paddles makes the nature reserve a kid and beginner friendly and the fishing is excellent. The most common fish are rainbow, char, trout, pike and perch.